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Living With Varicose Veins

It is suggested that there are more women than men who develop varicose veins. With this in mind and given that varicose veins are said to be hereditary, if your mother or grandmother has them, the odds are generally against you for developing varicose veins at sometime in the future. Prevention is the best cause of action given that there is no actual cure for varicose veins. However, various treatments are available should the extent of the condition become too troublesome to cope with on a daily […]

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Eating Well For You During Your Pregnancy

Eating healthy throughout your pregnancy is the greatest gift you could give your unborn baby, but there are also a lot of rewards in it for you to. It’s common for many moms to be to forget that they also benefit in eating healthy through out their pregnancy. What you eat has a direct effect as to how well your body copes and recovers from all the physical changes it goes through. It also helps with the physical and emotional challenge of carrying and delivering a baby. […]

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The Truth About Varicose Veins

We will cover something here that women don’t just sit around and openly talk about. It is something that is kept covered up. Not with lies, but with pants. We will be addressing the topic of varicose veins. When veins in the human body become enlarged, they are know as varicose veins. The color of these veins can vary. They can be a dark blue, blue, purple, or even a flesh like color. These veins look like they are wrapped and enveloped into each other. They are […]

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